Keeping company with loathsome souls

Our life is finite with boundaries at birth and death. We have no means to tell when death will come to take us home. We only have a certain prescribed amount of time, yet I waste it on loathsome souls who deteriorate and rot me from the inside out. They are the workers of evil, societies demons. They plant dreams of an ‘acceptable’ life. Who do I need to appear to be acceptable to, most certainly not any of you!

The loathsome souls you call family, friends and maybe even lovers are breaking you down block by block. No matter where you go, what you do, you are analysed. You are marked on a scale of adequate to inadequate according to societies standards and are influenced as such. You grow up with what your parents instil in you. What is instilled in you? Covetousness, pride, greed and lust. You will deny this I know. I do most days, but do you get upset when you see adverts covered with sexual innuendos, when you look for a job what is the first thing you look at – salary obviously. When last were you truly happy for a friend when they just bought something you would have liked. We have depravity ingrained in us, we have desires to constantly improve ourselves rather than improve others.

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