Misty clarity is the perfect imagery for life. We often feel like we have our lives planned out, or that our lives have been planned out. We know where we are going, what we want and how we will get there. One second it is crystal clear, but in the next second it is severed by the cleaver of life. Expectations mangled by false belief in self and our ambitious pride of an inherent power to control.

We can only be what we are, yet we expect to be like everyone else. Conformity breeds commonality, commonality breeds stagnation. Life mangles and disfigures who we want to be, moulding us and forming us into who we ought to be. Fighting to be a stencilled copy of what society wants ensures quiescence. Each individual is predestined for a purpose beyond our control, fighting is futile. Society deems it justifiable for you to be who you want to be, freedom of choice. Society is wrong! We can be who we need to be, not what society degrades us to want to be.

I choose to be who I was destined to be.


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